Opportunity Detroit Tech is dedicated to providing talent connections and opportunities for the information technology field in Detroit, Michigan. ODT leverages strategic partnerships with workforce development agencies, community colleges, and IT industry leaders to identify and address the needs of the region’s information technology ecosystem.


Labor Market Intelligence

ODT provides actionable, real-time data related to unemployment, wages, educational attainment, populations and demographics, and many other metrics or information pertaining to the IT industry in southeast Michigan.

Identify Detroit IT Needs

ODT is committed to thoroughly explore and understand the regional technology industry to identify talent needs to develop strategies and encourage solutions that support short- and long-term national competitiveness.

Provide Networking Opportunities

We aim to provide a network of industry peers, potential partners, suppliers, and customers to collectively and effectively address industry-identified projects and challenges.

Our partnership with the Workforce Intelligence Network

The Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan (WIN) serves as ODT’s convener. WIN’s mission is to help cultivate a cohesive talent system by facilitating data-driven workforce solutions to ensure responsiveness to changing labor market demands. To learn more about WIN, visit WINintelligence.org.