Are you looking for .NET programmers?

netprogrammerExperience IT is training workers in .NET and SQL.  The program is looking for employers that would be interested in interviewing trainees following at 8-week, intensive experiential training program.  If you are interested in interviewing potential candidates for the program or would like someone from your team to participate, please contact Kristie Kabacinski (   Training will begin in mid June with candidates ready to work in summer.  Details of the training are below.
Experience IT a partnership between the Quicken Loans, Titlesource, GalaxE Solutions, Fathead, Marketing Associates, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, DTE Energy,  Workforce Intelligence Network, Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation, and Grand Circus.
Students in Experience IT will be trained to pass the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer certification exam as a .NET developer as well as have entry-level skills as an SQL analyst/junior developer.
Topics to be covered:
MVC websites and Software Engineering Practices
•Basics of web applications. Hello MVC application
•Source control, deployment, and automated testing
•Build data structures in C#: Contacts, Addresses, Phone Numbers
•Manipulating lists with LINQ
•C# control structures
•Understanding Controller routes
•Build Contact management Controller: Add, List
•Build more Contact Management Controller Edit, Delete.
•Web Forms
•Integrating Web Forms and MVC
Moving from Web Applications to Single Page Applications (SPA)
•HTML workshop
•CSS Workshop
•Bootstrap and Less workshop
•JavaScript Koans
•WebAPI and Rest
•Intro to Angular
•Angular data services
•Unit testing with Jasmine
•Angular components and advanced data bindings
•Understand WCF
Server side persistence and modeling
•Persistence and web architecture
•Database Modeling
•Database links, indexes, and performance
•Entity Framework modeling
•Entity Framework Queries
•Building Persistence
•EF Updates
•Code First
•Entity Framework Code First Migrations
•Migrations and deployments
After these three 2-week sections, there will be a 2-week Final Project. Students will need to make decisions on the best layer for different functionality. They will need to show proficiency in all the areas covered in the previous weeks in order to create the final application. Possible projects include:
Task and time reporting
Contact management
Movie or music database
HT Box projects


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