Downtown Detroit’s M@dison Block Tech Neighborhood Adds Microsoft As A Partner

madisonDETROIT/PRNewswire/ — Downtown Detroit’s growing tech hub gained additional traction today as Microsoft announced it will be joining the M@dison Block, a burgeoning tech neighborhood known for its open and collaborative work environment.  Technical and business experts from Microsoft Ventures will work in the M@dison Building to engage with the neighborhood’s startup community and develop business partnerships in the region.

Microsoft Ventures is a program designed to support founders at every stage of the startup lifecycle. Through key partnerships with tech hubs, like the M@dison Block, Microsoft Ventures provides entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to be successful and build world-class companies.

“This partnership is an extension of Microsoft’s commitment to the Detroit community and to the state of Michigan, which aims to provide people with the technology and training skills needed for the growing economy,” said John Fikany, vice president, Microsoft Corp.  “In addition, it is important for us to participate and contribute to the growing technology hub downtown where startups and established companies are collaborating on driving innovation and growth. There is a ton of energy going on in Detroit, and we are excited to continue to be a part of it.”

Microsoft draws on its unique experience and resources to provide direct support to the best of the global startup community. Grand Circus, Detroit’s tech training institute, secured the partnership with Microsoft Ventures on behalf of the M@dison Block. The partnership provides entrepreneurs with a variety of services to support growth including technology, mentors, and networking opportunities. Microsoft joins Google, Twitter, Uber, Detroit Labs, UpTo and numerous other high-tech companies in the booming technology district on the M@dison block in downtown Detroit.

“It is a great indicator for our community that Microsoft sees the value in the excitement, creativity and talent that is radiating out of the M@dison Block,” said Damien Rocchi, CEO of Grand Circus. “This partnership further cements the opportunities that exist for the tech industry in downtown Detroit and will continue to advance our tech hub. Tech companies of all shapes and sizes, from big-name brands to new start-ups, can be found writing code and doing business along Woodward Avenue.”

The M@dison Block began to take shape in September 2013 after several tech startups inside the M@dison Building grew out of their co-working space and expanded into other buildings on the same block. The neighborhood, anchored by the M@dison Building and adjacent to Grand Circus Park, is bordered by Woodward Avenue to the west, Broadway Street to the east, Witherell Street to the north, and John R. Street to the south.

Bedrock Real Estate Services recruited Microsoft to lease office space on the second floor of the M@dison Building. Since 2011, the real estate firm and its affiliates have recruited more than 100 tenants to downtown Detroit, invested more than $1.3 billion in real estate, created 6,500 jobs and now own, control or manage more than eight million square feet in more than 40 downtown Detroit properties.

About Microsoft Ventures Microsoft Ventures is a global initiative to help entrepreneurs build great companies. Working with startups at every stage of maturity, the initiative provides the tools, resources, and expertise startups need to succeed. Visit Microsoft Ventures at to learn more about how Microsoft is helping the next generation of smart companies take flight.

About the M@dison Block The M@dison Block, located in downtown Detroit, is quickly becoming one of the hottest high-tech entrepreneurial corridors in the nation. The technology district is near Grand Circus Park, bordering Woodward Avenue to the west, Broadway Street to the east, Witherell Street to the north, and John R. Street to the south. This area has quickly become a hub entrepreneurship in the region. For more information visit .

About Grand Circus Grand Circus is an inspired learning institute in the heart of downtown Detroit on a mission to elevate the tech community. Offering courses in web & mobile development, business, and design, Grand Circus pinpoints the most acute technological skill gaps. Based in the historic Broderick Tower, Grand Circus’ space was designed to inspire collaboration and creativity. Selected as one of seven Google for Entrepreneurs tech hubs in North America, Grand Circus serves as a platform for start-ups and established organizations to thrive and grow. For more information .

About Bedrock Real Estate Services Detroit-based Bedrock Real Estate Services is a full-service real estate firm specializing in purchasing, leasing, financing, developing and managing commercial space. Since its founding in 2011, Bedrock has recruited more than 100 tenants to downtown Detroit’s Central Business District. A full listing of recruited tenants is available here . For more information, visit .


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