Looking for top-tier IT talent in the Detroit or Southeast Michigan region? We’ve partnered with Apprenti to make hiring skilled IT workers simple. Apprenti has developed an assessment test that ranks IT talent, so you can easily find the top candidates. The Apprenti apprenticeship model allows you to increase your ROI by hiring trained, qualified workers who will grow with your company.

How does Apprenti work?

The apprenticeship process through Apprenti is simple. Candidates take an online assessment to determine their proficiency in math, logic & critical thinking, and soft skills. Candidates are screened by Apprenti to match the jobs you want to fill. After a candidate is selected by your company, they will receive two to five months of technical training to increase their competency at handling your organization’s specific needs. They will then begin one year of on-the-job training at your company.



Hiring greater diversity means that your team can make more informed IT decisions from a variety of perspectives. About 50% of current Apprenti candidates are women, 54% are minorities, and 20% are veterans.


Registered apprentices have an average salary at 60% of market rate, helping you to offset your initial training investment. Recruitment costs are far lower than market standards, with a one-time placement fee of $2500.


Each apprentice receives occupational training for two to five months before beginning their on-the-job training. Apprentices are trained on specific skills that they need to drive results for your organization.

Why we are committed to partnering with Apprenti

The Apprenti model creates a reliable career pipeline for underrepresented groups. They focus on minorities, women, and veterans and strive to take the burden of training and hiring off your company’s shoulders. ODT is proud to work with Apprenti as part of our effort to grow Detroit’s rich tech ecosystem.


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