Want to find IT opportunities in Detroit and the surrounding areas? The apprenticeship model is a time-tested approach that combines training and hiring. Apprenticeship allows you to get your foot in the door with top IT companies. Apprenti is a nationally recognized IT apprenticeship program, and ODT has partnered with Apprenti to bring you a world of IT opportunities.

How does Apprenti work?

Apprenti starts with an assessment test to determine your placement. There are three sections to the Apprenti assessment: Math, Logic & Critical Thinking, and Soft Skills. Once you have taken the assessment, you will receive an email showing your score on each section.

If you perform well on the assessment, you will join the “Ranked Candidate Pool”. This is a hiring pool that our partnered corporations use to find IT talent. If you do not perform well enough to rank, you can take the assessment up to two more times. Once you are in the Ranked Candidate Pool, employers can reach out to you for apprenticeship opportunities.

Preparing for the Apprenti assessment test

Before beginning the assessment, Apprenti provides resources to help you prepare for the types of questions you will need to answer. Studying these resources can dramatically help you improve your chances of making it into the Ranked Candidate Pool..

The need to fill IT workforce gaps

Throughout the Southeast Michigan region IT employers are facing an increasingly challenging recruiting environment, as demand for talent vastly outweighs the supply of workers. According to an analysis from WIN, there were nearly 65,000 IT-related online job postings in 2016, which is nearly twenty times the number of IT degree completions (3,671 degrees earned from Southeast Michigan higher education institutions). The IT talent pipeline, as currently constituted, is simply not robust enough to handle such high demand.

About ODT's partnership with Apprenti

To address this challenge, ODT has partnered with Apprenti to bring the nationally-recognized, DOL-approved, registered IT apprenticeship program to Southeast Michigan. Apprenti’s presence in Southeast Michigan will help to augment the existing talent pool using its nationally recognized “turn-key” framework to help provide a reliable pipeline for underrepresented groups to gain training, certification, and placement within the tech industry.