Portal Architects leverages cloud tech to create 5 jobs

By: Jon Zemke | SE MI Startup

To the folks behind Portal Architects the cloud is a destination. But getting businesses and organizations to it is where the money is.

The Ann Arbor-based company’s software, SkySync, helps companies connect their IT to the cloud through a Windows app. That technology enables organizations to synchronize and move files across storage systems including most cloud storage services.

“It’s right in our wheelhouse,” says Mark Brazeau, co-founder of Portal Architects. “We saw the explosion of the cloud and we saw the need for companies to get to the cloud.”

This isn’t Brazeau’s first trip to the tech startup rodeo. The serial entrepreneur has helped grow four software companies over the years. His last one, Blue Thread Technologies, was acquired by a venture capital firm. After that happened, he and his co-founders saw a golden opportunity in creating a startup that connects businesses to the cloud.

“It’s in my nature I guess,” Brazeau says.

Brazeau and his co-founders started Portal Architects two years ago. The launched SkySync last summer and have worked to flesh out the technology after that. Portal Architects has hired five people over the last year (primarily software developers) and is looking to hire another four today. The company currently employs 11 people and Brazeau expects to keep it up so his firm can keep up with the demand for SkySync.

“The market need for our product is there,” Brazeau says.


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